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Rajiv Malhotra
Editor, Traditional Knowledge Systems

Brief Bio-Data

Mr. Rajiv Malhotra is an Indian American entrepreneur, philanthropist and community leader who has devoted  himself to promoting a proper understanding of Indic traditions in America for nearly ten years.

After studying at Delhi’s St. Columbus High School and St. Stephen’s College, Mr. Malhotra came to the US in 1971 to pursue graduate studies in Physics and Computer Science.  He then worked as a senior executive in several multinational companies and as a private entrepreneur.  His career spanned the computer, software and telecom industries. He now works full-time with The Infinity Foundation, a non-profit organization in Princeton, New Jersey, which he founded in 1995 to foster harmony among the diverse cultures of the world.

Indian civilization and the great traditions of thought that emerged from it, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism, bring to the world a unique vision of pluralism and mutual respect among religious traditions. To further this vision and promote an understanding of Indic traditions, many of the Foundation’s projects strive to upgrade the quality of understanding of Indian civilization in the American media and educational system,  as well as among the English language educated Indian elite.  They aim to encourage multiculturalism such that Western and non-Western civilizations would be given equal respect.  The Foundation has given over 250 grants for research, education and philanthropy, including grants to leading institutions of higher education, specialized research centers, as well as to many individual scholars.  It has also organized several conferences and scholarly events in the US and India that challenge false stereotypes about India and bring out a balanced view of the many positive contributions from Indian civilization.

Mr. Malhotra’s pluralistic outlook stems from his Hindu background.  He is an active writer, columnist, and speaker on a variety of topics, including the traditions and cultures of India, the Indian Diaspora, globalization, and East-West relations. 

Mr. Malhotra has been appointed to the Asian-American Commission for the State of New Jersey, where he serves as the Chairman for the Education Committee created by the Governor to start an Asian Studies program in schools.  He also serves on the Advisory Board of the New Jersey Chapter of the American Red Cross.  

Details of the Infinity Foundation’s projects may be found at the following website: